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Sunrock Ceramics

We service high temperature processing industries with demanding temperature, atmosphere and cycle times.


Sunrock Ceramics is a U.S. manufacturer of high performance alumina kiln furniture for advanced ceramics manufacturers and alumina pusher plates for powder metallurgy parts producers.  Sunrock Ceramics specializes in pressing alumina tile, alumina saggers and setters, alumina pusher plates and alumina brick, as well as casting more complicated shapes.

  • Lead times for kiln furniture and pusher plates are typically 4-6 weeks with available tooling.
  • High temperature toll firing to 1700C

Sunrock Ceramics has an existing tooling library of over 100 shapes that have been used in Technical Ceramics, Powdered Metal, Ferrite, Nanomaterials and many other industries that involve high temperature thermal processing. Sunrock Ceramics is focused on developing a tailored solution for each customer's specific high-temperature application.

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CFI magazine interview with Doug Thurman at Ceramics Expo

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Sunrock Ceramics is the winner of the 2015 CI Supplier of the Year Award!

VIDEO: Watch our interview with Doug Thurman, president of Sunrock Ceramics, who discusses the company's customer service philosophy and plans for the future. Open .pdf article >
Sunrock participates in Ceramic Industry magazine's refractory roundtable discussion. Open .pdf article >

Just Say No (to Clay)! Ceramic Industry
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Featured article in Industrial Heating
Sintering in Hydrogen Atmosphere: It Punishes Refractory. Open the .pdf article >

Sunrock Ceramics Introduces 99.5% High Alumina Bricks for Furnace Relinings in Reducing Atmosphere Applications.
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Our featured article in Ceramic Industry Magaine, September 2008

The Heat is On: Many options are available for improving the performance of high-temperature kiln furniture systems. Open .pdf article >

Feature article in Ceramic Industry Magazine, October 2009
High-Purity Alumina Refractory.
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