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Data Sheets & SDS

Sunrock’s HPA family of high alumina materials )industrial ceramics, alumina kiln furniture, high temperature kiln furniture) ranges from 85% alumina to 99.7% alumina with porosity of 15% – 18% to enhance thermal shock resistance. Additionally, Sunrock produces the HPA-CG material designed specifically for pusher plates used on pusher furnaces. Sunrock also produces an insulating 99.7% alumina material called B-99, used primarily in furnace linings for reducing atmosphere applications.

Please contact Sunrock for a discussion about available pressed and cast shapes. Additionally, Sunrock has very flexible processes for economically and rapidly making new custom shapes, either from pressing or by thixotropic casting.

Downloadable Data Sheets

Sunrock HPA Data Sheet (English)

Sunrock TSX Data Sheet

Sunrock HPA Data Sheet (German)

Sunrock HPA70 Data Sheet

Sunrock B-99 Technical Data Sheet

Sunrock Safety Data Sheet

Sunrock FS90  Data Sheet

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