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Industrial Ceramics FAQs

Leading US-based manufacturer of industrial ceramics components supporting a wide range of high-temperature thermal processing industries: Sunrock Ceramics

Since 2005, Sunrock Ceramics has been providing kiln furniture for technical ceramics manufacturers, pusher plates and other furnace refractory for powder metallurgy parts manufacturers, and other specialty shapes such as saggers and crucibles for a variety of powder processing and melting applications.

Sunrock products are used in:
technical ceramics kilns_edited.jpg
Technical Ceramics Sintering
Powder Processing
Fuel Cell.jpg
Fuel Cell Manufacturing
Powder Metallurgy.png
Powder Metallurgy
Specialty Glass Melting
Investment Casting
Lithium-ion Battery Production

The Sunrock Industrial Ceramics Difference

Sunrock specializes in the most demanding thermal applications - those that require high alumina materials because of extreme temperatures, severe chemistry, rapid thermal cycles, or a combination of these factors. 


Our materials have been developed to be both high thermal refractoriness and very good thermal shock resistance. When a new material is required for a given application we are willing to develop new formulations in conjunction with the customer to achieve the right mix for the needs to the job.

We have decades of expertise in the design and troubleshooting of kiln furniture systems for severe applications. Sunrock has built up a very extensive portfolio of existing shapes, but we have also developed our production systems and tooling set-up processes for flexibility and cost minimization when new and bespoke shapes are required.


Finally, we pride ourselves on being very customer focused and easy to do business with. 

We Produce a Wide Variety of Industrial Ceramics Shapes

Sunrock produces a wide assortment of shapes by either pressing or thixotropic casting.

  • High performance presses are used with an extensive library of existing tooling. Our tooling design allows for new shapes to be made with very reasonable tooling costs.

  • As a complement to pressing, thixotropic casting is used for complex shapes or lower volume production.

  • We also offer a cast formulation that is completely free of clay, meaning that cast shapes are as chemically pure as the pressed parts and have similar high-temperature hot strength. 

Leverage Sunrock's Kiln Furniture Design Expertise

Sunrock is here to be your partner in designing the most economical kiln furniture system to meet the needs of your application. We’ll take into account the inherent trade-offs while helping you achieve your goals. Contact us today to review and discuss design options for optimizing firing economics.

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