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FS-90 Clay-Bonded,
Fused-Silica Kiln Furniture

FS-90 is a clay-bonded fused silica material designed for kiln furniture or other thermal processing consumables, such as crucibles. The material has excellent thermal shock properties. Like most fused silica products, in certain applications and at higher use temperatures it may eventually re-crystallize into cristobalite, which will change the properties over time. However, FS-90 has been formulated to minimize this phase transformation process. FS-90 can be cast into a wide variety of shapes.

FS-90 Clay-Bonded, Fused-Silica
Kiln Furniture Properties

Bulk Density (lbs/ft3) - 120 lbs/ft3

Apparent Porosity (%) - 20%

Specific Gravity - 1.90

Strength (ambient MOR, psi) - 900 psi

The Numerous Advantages of FS-90 Clay-bonded, Fused Silica Kiln Furniture  

FS-90 Clay-bonded fused silica kiln furniture provides a durable, thermally stable, chemically resistant, and insulating support system for products undergoing high-temperature processing in kilns and furnaces.

Support Structures

  • FS-90 kiln furniture is used to create shelves, posts, setters, and other supporting elements inside a kiln or furnace to support products being processed.

  • FS-90 pieces are designed to withstand the high temperatures and harsh conditions within the kiln while providing a stable platform for the products.

Chemical Resistance

  • FS-90 kiln furniture is resistant to chemical corrosion.

  • It can withstand exposure to various chemicals and reactive atmospheres commonly encountered in industrial processes.

High-temperature Stability

  • FS-90 kiln furniture can withstand temperatures up to 1,200°C (2,192°F) and maintain its structural integrity.

  • It remains dimensionally stable and won’t shrink, expand, or deform under these extreme conditions.

Thermal Insulation

  • Fused silica helps minimize heat transfer between the kiln and the products, ensuring that the desired temperature is maintained while reducing energy loss.

  • The low thermal expansion coefficient of fused silica also helps prevent warping or distortion of the kiln furniture during heating and cooling cycles.

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