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High-purity Alumina Kiln Furniture and Specialty Refractory

Sunrock Provides a Wide Range of High-Purity Alumina Formations

Sunrock offers a range of alumina formulations for various applications. For example, we provide:

  • Up to 99.7% alumina typically used in chemically reactive applications such as highly reducing powder metallurgy sintering and piezo ceramic production.

Sunrock’s formulations and production systems are designed to eliminate free silica in the ceramic body. *The silica (SiO2) shown in the chemistry chart is present as a component of the mullite (Al2O3SiO2) and is not free silica.

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Properties of the HPA Family of
High Alumina Compositions

Sunrock has the Largest Assortment of Shapes

With an extensive library of existing tools, you’ll always find what you need.

Sunrock Ceramics produces a wide assortment of high-purity alumina shapes by pressing and thixotropic casting. High-performance presses are used with an extensive library of existing tooling. Sunrock’s tooling design allows for new shapes to be made with very reasonable tooling costs.


As a complement to pressing, thixotropic casting is used for complex shapes or lower volume production. Sunrock offers a cast formulation that is completely free of clay, meaning that cast shapes are as chemically pure as the pressed parts and have similar high-temperature hot strength.

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