• Doug Thurman, President

Sunrock introduces 99.6% High Alumina Bricks for Furnace Relinings

CHICAGO, IL, June 10, 2009 -- Sunrock Ceramics Company, LLC, a manufacturer of pressed and cast high alumina industrial ceramics for the powder metallurgy and technical ceramics markets, announces the introduction of 99.6% alumina bricks and other specialty shapes designed for use in reducing atmospheres, such as hydrogen at high temperature, or other applications requiring very high chemical inertness. The high density material, called HPA-99, is ideal for hot-face linings in high-temperature hydrogen atmosphere sintering furnaces. HPA-99 has been successfully field tested at leading PM parts manufacturers and furnace OEMs in both the US and Europe for the past 18 months. In addition to pressing bricks with HPA-99, Sunrock can cast the material for specialty shapes such as hearth plates and press a variety of kiln furniture shapes utilizing Sunrock’s wide assortment of press tooling.

“The development of HPA-99 is a great addition to the family of high alumina ceramics we presently make for the powder metallurgy and technical ceramics markets, including HPA for high temperature kiln furniture and HPA-CG for pusher plates” reports Doug Thurman, president of Sunrock Ceramics. “HPA-99 is also ideal in other applications where exceedingly high chemical inertness is of critical importance, such as in the firing of piezo ceramics.”

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