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Specialty Products

Sunrock produces specialized formulations for unique applications, including mullite (HPA-70), fused silica (FS-90), and high-purity alumina insulating bricks for reducing atmosphere furnaces (B-99).

HPA-70 Mullite Kiln Furniture

HPA-70 is a mullite (approximately 70% alumina) kiln furniture material designed for excellent thermal shock resistance and good hot strength up to 1450°C.

HPA-70 is recommended in applications where the temperatures and/or chemical interactions preclude the use of lower temperature ceramic materials such as cordierite or fused silica but are not severe enough for high alumina (i.e., +90% alumina).

FS-90 Clay-Bonded, Fused-Silica
Kiln Furniture Properties

FS-90 is a clay-bonded fused silica material designed for kiln furniture or other thermal processing consumables, such as crucibles. The material has excellent thermal shock resistance.

B-99 Insulating Brick

B-99 is a premium, high purity alumina insulating material for chemically reactive, high-temperature thermal processing applications such as the lining and insulation of reducing atmosphere furnaces.

The Numerous Advantages of
Sunrock's Specialized Formulations 

Whether you're looking for a material for rapid cycle kiln furniture applications or need an insulating material for the lining and insulation of reducing atmosphere furnaces, Sunrock Ceramics has the material you need. We have deep experience in navigating the inherent trade-offs in the design of kiln furniture systems.


Chemical Resistance

High-temperature Stability

Thermal Insulation

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