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Sunrock Articles Library

June 11 Article

Sept. 01, 2015

High-Purity Alumina Kiln Furniture for Industrial High-Temperature Applications

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June 13 Article

Oct. 01, 2013

Refractories Roundtable article/discussion with Doug Thurman.

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June 21 Article

June 10, 2009

Sunrock Introduces 99.6% High Alumina Bricks for Furnace Relinings

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June 16 Article

June 01, 2015

Sunrock Ceramics is the winner of the 2015 CI Supplier of the year Award

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June 13 Article 2

Feb. 01, 2010

Industrial Heating Article About the Unique Demands of Pusher Plates

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June 13 Article 3

Sept. 01, 2008

Ceramics Industry Magazine Article on High Temperature Kiln Furniture Design Considerations 

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