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High-temperature Ceramic Components

Alumina Kiln Furniture, Pusher Plates, Crucibles, Furnace Refractory, Specialty Shapes

Sunrock’s HPA family of high-alumina refractory materials are engineered for the most demanding high-temperature thermal processing applications.

About Our Products

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HPA material compositions range from 85% alumina to 99.7% alumina, plus HPA-CG designed specifically for pusher plates used in pusher furnaces.
High-purity Alumina Formulations

Sunrock offers a range of alumina formulations for various applications, including up to 99.7% alumina for use in chemically reactive applications such as reducing atmosphere sintering.


HPA-70 is a mullite (approximately 70% alumina) kiln furniture material designed for excellent thermal shock resistance and heat strength up to 1450°C.

Ingeniera Industrial
Clay-Bonded, Fused-Silica

FS-90 is a clay-bonded, fused-silica material designed for kiln furniture or other thermal processing consumables, such as crucibles. The material has excellent thermal shock properties.

B-99 Insulating Bricks

B-99 is a premium, high-purity alumina insulating material for chemically reactive, high-temperature thermal processing applications such as the lining and insulation of reducing atmosphere furnaces.

TSX Kiln Furniture Material

TSX is designed for use in very fast thermal cycles. The extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion provides exceptional thermal shock resistance up to 1,200°C.

Focus on Quality and Performance

Sunrock offers a wide selection of high-purity alumina products for use as consumables in severe thermal processing applications. 

Since 2005, Sunrock has been producing high alumina kiln furniture and other industrial ceramics products used as consumables in various thermal processing industries. Products include saggers, crucibles, batts, trays, setters, v-groove plates, and other specialty shapes.  We focus on difficult operating environments, and it’s all we do. 


If you are managing a difficult thermal processing application, please contact us to start a conversation on how we can assist with your kiln and furnace consumables.  We offer top quality products, and we have a wide range of existing shapes (and can create new ones quickly and economically). We have deep experience in navigating the inherent trade-offs in the design of kiln furniture systems.

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